How to choose a builder

Okay, why do you need a builder in the first place? Well, in case you haven’t noticed the price of real estate has gone incredibly high. On top of that, you always have the risk of finding that perfect home only to be snatched away by someone who gave more money than you.

How to chose a good builder?

First of all, you should always use professionals and not the guy who you find in the Yellow pages. You want him (or them) to do a damn good job and not everything to fall apart the moment they leave.

Ideas. Yours or theirs?

While you should definitely listen to any advice a builder can give you, like what kind of concrete to use and how to fill that ugly hole in your basement. The general idea should be yours. Make sure that you can explain what you want to your builder. Remember, this is your home and you have every right to expect the best possible job don on it.


Like I already said, don’t look for builders in your Yellow pages or the local newspaper. If you just moved in the neighborhood, visit your first-door neighbor and ask him to tell you about the builder they hired for their house and if they are happy with him. If they are, be sure to get his number from them. This is a double win, as you will not only find a good builder easily, but you will also get to meet your neighbor better and that can be incredibly important in these times.

What can a builder do for you?

While the obvious answer would be “He can build things”, the truth is that a really good and expert builder can offer much more in terms of services than this. Builder companies usually have a list of services, so you should check to see what’s in the package. You will be surprised at the rang of services they offer.

Are they licensed?

Even if you think that you can save money by hiring an unlicensed builder, this will, in all probability, only force you to pay much more after some time. This is why it’s incredibly important to know if the builder you are going to hire has a license, whether you are hiring an independent contractor or a company. Apart from a license, you should also ask him about the insurance, in case anything goes wrong at the construction site. By hiring a licensed builder, you minimize the risk of anything going wrong.

The deal

You have to know exactly what your builder can do for you and whether that is enough to meet your expectations and needs. Read the contract from top to bottom and don’t sign anything before you have thoroughly examined every part of it.

Final words

A good home builder can help you create the home of your life. However, this is not a decision to be taken lightly and you need to hire a professional to do the job.

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